The affordable bwi parking fees

The bwi parking fees

The bwi parking fees are considered one of the best rates in the world which caters everyone financial status. The fees for the parking at BWI airport would be determine by several factors such as the time you start parking and the location of the parking lot. There are certain section of the bwi parking lots get filled up in a very short times especially those that are close to the main building of the BWI airport. However, there are other parking lots that you can park your car. If you are planning to park your car near to the airport than you should be there earlier so that you will get the space that you need. The nearer the parking lots to the airport the higher the bwi parking fees would be.

Short Term BWI Parking Fees

There is the short term bwi parking fees which are catered for cars that just to drop off or picking up passengers. You can use the short term parking to save money such as the cell phone bwi parking lot. You can park your car there up to 1 hour for free. The system allow driver to wait for the passengers to call them up if they have arrived. This is one of the best options which would be a real money saver.

There is the bwi parking fees which are charge according to hourly use and this is popular among visitors that want to see their family and friend depart from the airport. The first 30 minutes of the parking fees is free. However, after 30 minutes the parking fees will start to be counted and it can be as high as $22.00 for whole day parking. The hourly fees parking offer covered parking lots and can reach the airport by using the skywalks.

Long Term BWI Parking Fees

There is another type of bwi parking fees which is know as pay and go parking. The first hour of the parking fees will cost you $3.00. However, at the third hour the parking rate will be $2.00 for each additional hour. The maximum parking fess for the whole day would be $12.00. If you are looking for a quick parking service then the Express parking would be the perfect choice. It also situated closer to the airport. There is also the shuttle service to help you get to the airport in a short time. The parking fees will be $10.00 for the whole day. The only bad thing about the Express parking service is it will get filled up easily.

For a cheaper long term parking the bwi parking fees would be the best choice. The fee can as low as $8.00 a day. You will also get a free shuttle service to the main lobby of the BWI airport. There are also other cheaper off-site parking facilities that you can choose from. Most of these off-site parking lots are at nearby hotels which have been considered as cheaper than the bwi parking fees.